SEO in Greeley, CO is gaining traction.  For years, many small businesses in Greeley have dedicated large parts of their marketing budgets to the old standard forms of advertising, like the Greeley Tribune or the yellow pages.  However, with the advent of the Internet, more and more people are getting their news from the web and even more are turning to Google before cracking open a phone book.  So SEO, or search engine optimization has become the new standard in lead generation.  If you own a small business in Greeley and you’re looking for less expensive ways to weather this downturn in the economy, SEO in Greeley may be what you’ve been looking for.

SEO in Greeley can help to push your site to the top of Google’s listings when your potential clients are searching for things related to your Greeley business.  If you site is listed at the top of Google’s search results, that’s the equivalent of having a full page color ad in the phone book, 15 years ago.  Face it, people are not turning to the yellow pages any more, so you need to focus your marketing dollars where your customers are.  And that’s on the Internet.

SEO is the process of making your site search engine friendly so that Google favors your site over your competitors’.  You might be thinking that your site is already on the first page.  But did you know that just having your site listed on the first page isn’t good enough?  That’s right.  A recent study conducted by Nielson showed that 42% of all search engine users click on the first listing while less than 8% of them ever click on the second listing.  That’s staggering.   That could mean that your competitor’s phone rings 5 times more that yours if you’re ranked #2.  Do you think that would have an impact on your business if you could switch places and have your site listed at the top of Google?  What if your phone rang 5 times more than it does now?  I imagine that would mean the difference between wild success of your Greeley business and potentially struggling through this economy.

SEO in Greeley, CO is not as competitive as it is in other larger cities so there’s good news.  Your competitors have probably not caught on to the latest techniques to assure that their sites stay listed at the top of Google so you can easily pass them with less effort than you’d imagine.   SEO doesn’t have to be expensive.  Sure some search phrases are very competitive.  Others are not.  If you’re in a competitive industry like morgages in Greeley, then you may have to work more than the guy who’s just selling couches in Greeley.   The mortgage business can be cut throat at times so those businesses have to be more diligent when getting their site listed on the top of Google.  While SEO can get your site listed at the top, in a competitive industry, other SEO companies will be working to knock your site out of that top spot so a continual SEO effort may be required to maintain your high ranking.

But don’t worry, if you’re like most businesses in Greeley, you won’t have a difficult time maintaining your position simply because so few companies in Greeley have caught on to the power of SEO and how it can transform the way small businesses look at marketing.  Call us at 674-0079 to schedule a consultation if you’d like to discuss how SEO can revolutionize your business.  It can literally mean the difference between success and failure so why not look into it when so much is on the line.  I look forward to talking with you.

Chadd Bryant

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