“Let’s play Family Feud for a moment. Hands on your buzzers.”

We talked to 100 folks. Name the one word that comes to mind when they think of a Mercedes. The top answers are on the board. If you said “luxury”, “elite”, or “classy” you win. That was a pretty easy question, wasn’t it? That’s because Mercedes has a clearly defined brand. Everyone knows that Mercedes is a luxury car.

Now think of a weak brand like Isuzu. It’s doubtful you’ll even come up with an answer, let alone the same answer as everyone else. Because of that, you probably wouldn’t even think of Isuzu if you were asked to name car manufacturers. A weak brand equates to low recognition. What does low recognition mean? Low sales.

If you want to build any sort of successful business, strategic branding needs to be at the forefront of your business model. Yes, getting your company off the ground and producing your product (or being able to perform your service) is important, but if you can’t effectively market yourself, your product will sit in storage. Branding is a crucial first step in effective marketing.

How Memorable Is Your Brand?

If we asked 100 people who have dealt with your business to list one word that comes to mind, would the answers be tightly clustered around a central theme like “luxury?” Or would they be scattered with 100 different answers? More importantly, would they even know who you are? If either of the last two sound more accurate, you have a problem. You have no brand. You’re the Isuzu.

To start thinking about branding, ask yourself “What do we do differently than the competition?”

The answer can’t be, “We don’t really do anything different than the competition.” If that’s the case, why are you even in business? You have to be able to tell a potential client, “We do it ______ than the competition.” That can be more affordably, more luxuriously, faster, whatever. That’s your brand now.

Unfortunately, the branding process isn’t quite that simple. First off, you have to make sure you really are the ____-est company in the game. If you’re branding yourself as the cheapest banner printer in the city, but an out of state company can do it for half the price via the internet, you’re not going to win over clients. Second, make sure your brand is actually desirable. “Budget” works for Walmart, but if you’re selling luxury chandeliers, that’s not the brand quality most of your industry’s customers are looking for.

Lucky for you, we here at Red Rocket will do the leg work for you. We’ve been building up our business of strategic branding in Fort Collins, CO since the 1990’s. We know the ins and outs of every major industry, and we can help you find your marketing niche.

We’ve helped organizations like yours settle the question of what they do differently. Then we burn it in their customers’ minds. We’ll work with you to create a truly marketable brand. If you’d like to find out how we might be able to help you discover your differentiator, let’s start a conversation.