Are you frustrated with the results of your marketing efforts?

Well, you’re not alone.  We meet with new folks all the time who come to us with a sinking feeling, knowing that they’re throwing their money down the drain.  No matter the situation, the problem often boils down to one thing…they don’t have a clear message that resonates with their prospects.  That’s step one of any successful project.  We call that strategic branding.  Once we have that message in place, we’re able to move on to apply that message to their marketing materials and their website.


We’re kind of crazy about whiteboards around here.  We believe that brainstorming is the most important step in the creation of any website.  After the board has been covered and erased a dozen times, we’re then ready to begin designing but it’s not without a clear plan of action that’s based on solid evidence of what works best and why.


Low traffic is generally the result of low rankings on Google.  To move your site to the top of the rankings, it’s necessary to first determine if the site is being punished by Google for breaking their rules.  However, in order to do this, we have to first understand the 561 factors that Google is paying attention to when ranking sites.


When people hear the word “branding” they often think of the creation of their logo or the overall look of their marketing materials.  However, we think branding starts before any design takes place.  It’s a strategic process that helps our clients discover the single message that resonates best with their customers.  Do you know yours?


Remember Kevin Costner’s movie, Field of Dreams?  “Build it and they will come,” they said.  Unfortunately, far too many businesses have built their hopes on a similar dream, hoping the visitors will show up.  If you’re frustrated because your business feels like it’s stuck in the middle of an Iowa cornfield, we can help you turn that around.