SEO in Greeley is just as important as anywhere else in Northern Colorado.  As more and more people in Greeley turn to the Internet for their information, phone books are becoming a thing of the past.  That’s evident by the shift in advertising with all of the Dex Online ads seen on television.  They’re not pushing the phone book as much as their website.   If you own a small business in Greeley it’s likely that you’re online too but is it ranked at the top of Google when people search for your type of business in Greeley or the surrounding area?

SEO in Greeley is so vital because Google is the most important tool that you can leverage to get new customers.  Let me explain why Google is so important and why SEO is pertinent to the success of your Greeley business.  First, for those who may be wondering what SEO is, let’s start there.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  That’s the process of preparing your site so that it’s search engine friendly.   Look at it this way, if you make your site such that Google likes it, they’ll rank your site higher in their search results.  When someone looks for your type of business on Google, they’ll see your site listed at the top of the results, if your site has been optimized properly.

SEO in Greeley is so critical because competition is tough in most small businesses.  Even though Greeley isn’t as large as Denver, you still need to make sure that your site is listed at the top of Google when your potential customer is searching for your type of company.  A lot of SEO companies recommend that you be listed on the first page.  But that’s simply not good enough.  You have to be #1.  You see, according to a Nielson survey, 42% of all users click on the first listing.  Only 8% click on the second listing.  So why do SEO companies settle for listings on the first page rather than the top position on the first page?  Because that makes their job more difficult to get sites ranked #1.  It’s not easy to get a site listed at #1 but with stats showing that the number two guy only gets 8% of the traffic, the effort for SEO is worth every penny.

If you’re interested in having your site ranked well – SEO is the answer.  Don’t let another month pass with your site lost in cyberspace.  Call us today to arrange a consultation to evaluate your website.  The number is 674-0079.