One of the most influential things about your website happens in the first seconds that someone spends on your site. The first impression can be the difference between making a sale and hitting the back button. But first impressions can be a hard thing to measure especially if you have been working on your site for months or even years. The longer you work on something the harder it is to look at it objectively with the new eyes that your visitors will be seeing it with. This is where website testing can really help you out.

Sites like ClueApp can be helpful in measuring these first impressions. How it works is that visitors to ClueApp’s site see images for 5 seconds then try to recall as much as they can about what they just looked at. Here are the results from a test we did for one of our client’s sites. This website sells bungalow house plans and we wanted to make sure that the first impressions were in alignment with what the website sells. Thanks to the feedback from this and other website tests we have been tweaking the design and making changes that will lead to more conversions and better site performance.

If you suspect that maybe your website isn’t performing as well as it should be, we can help. Let us run some tests and see if we can find ways to make your site start working for you.

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