Have you noticed the shift in marketing lately surrounding the overall strategy that companies are implementing?  How many ads; TV, radio, magazine or other try to get you to go back to their website for something more?  A LOT!!!!!  This is the shift. Now, it may seem minor on the surface but it actually will drastically change; not only the way we market but also the way we sell.  Our roles as marketers and our roles as sales people will change.

The new paradigm shift can be illustrated through a wheel; with the hub being the website and the spokes serving as all of the different forms of advertising and marketing that feed back into the website.  This change offers some challenges and some opportunities.  The challenge… to get people back to your site to learn more about you; a GREAT call to action of some sort is a necessity.  The opportunity… your sales cycle may actually be reduced because people can do all of the research they want on their own time, on your website.  So the traditional sales person’s role will not be to educate, it will simply be to close the deal.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Don’t get too excited yet.  If you don’t have a great website marketing plan that uses your website as a place to get more information, educate your visitors, give stellar offers or freebies and invite your visitors to become loyal fans; you won’t be able to garner any of the new opportunities available through this shift.

How are you going to plan for this change?  How is your marketing plan going to change?

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