Why a Webmaster Would Still Support Print Media

Did you know that in a scientific study, participants had a higher memory recall for material printed on paper as opposed to the same material published online?

People in our industry love to talk about how books and newspapers and print media in general will cease to exist in another 25 years because they’re ineffective, but studies like this fly in the face of the pundits’ projections.

It seems that the thing that’s missing from digital media is the tactile component. There are many different types of learners and many people use their tactile sense to take in the world around them. The thickness of the paper, the texture and even the sharpness of the corners can all help to boost memory recall. Collectively, those factors help to define the total picture of the message and digital is simply unable to deliver on those fronts.

So next time you consider abandoning your printed materials altogether, consider whether or not the medium is potentially contributing to your brands recall rate.

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