Do you have a Web Marketing Strategy?  In today’s web-centric world, where information is easy to come by, if you haven’t addressed how the Internet has changed the way you market and thus sell to your clients, you may not survive.

The truth is, most buyers; whether they are a C-level executive, a consumer, a patient, or some other form of customer, are turning to the web to find and learn all about your product or service before anyone (especially you) ever knows they are in the market for your service or product.  There is no longer a need for a sales person to walk them through the education process.  Today’s client is pretty educated about us before they ever meet us face-to-face; that is if we have a website.  So, back to the question, do you have a web marketing strategy or are you just “winging it”?  A great web marketing strategy will address three things; what we here at Red Rocket call “The Three Imperatives.”

  • Get people to the site (SEO and SEM)
  • Get people to stay at the site (Content is and will remain KING)
  • Get people to return to the site (People rarely purchase online or even face-to-face on the first visit)

Your web marketing strategy needs to touch on each of these three things in some form or fashion to  realize any amount of success.  For instance, if you get people to your site through stellar SEO but the site stinks, what good is it?  Likewise, if you offer great content on your site but no one can find your site when they need you; what good is it?

For more on creating a sound web marketing strategy, tune in each day to our blog.  We will be sharing different tools to help make your website a strong asset for your company versus the obligatory “must have.”

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