Earlier this year we talked about why an employee handbook is an important HR tool, even for small businesses. Handbooks help you clearly lay out your policies and the expectations you have of your employees.  They also help new employees better understand the history, values and mission of your company.

It’s also important to be reviewing and updating your employee manual as your company grows and changes.  The best way to update your handbook is to keep a wish list of the additions or changes you’d like to make. For instance, as your company grows you may choose to implement new benefits, offer more vacation time, or change company procedures.  These changes to your company should be reflected in your handbook.

Once or twice a year, make all of your changes and/or additions to the handbook at the same time. Have an HR professional review the updates to make sure they are clearly stated and appropriate.  Then, supply all of your employees with a new copy of the handbook and review the updates with them.  It’s also nice to give your employees the opportunity to review the changes on their own and come to you with any questions. Then, have all your employees sign a new acknowledgement of receipt stating that they have read and understand all company policies, including the newest additions.

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