Since upgrading from Adobe CS4 to CS5.5 – some of the most notable additions with this costly software package (in addition to its website design upgrades) has been the number of headaches. Most notably when the application starts up and shuts down – we’ve noticed the conversion of live type into raster layers and a good old fashion crash when quitting the app. Not good when you’re a flourishing Fort Collins website design company – you got to be fast.

Here’s how to the fix the problem – it’s a little old school, but it works.

Click on your Adobe Photoshop app icon and immediately press the command – shift- option keys quickly. Very quickly. You should immediately be presented with a prompt to reset all of Adobe Photoshop’s preference files. Again – this is where being a speedy website marketing company pays off.

You may remember back in the day – before Apple was UNIX based – Photoshop had just one preferences file. Not anymore – there are several – and they are scattered in various locations. This is a quick easy way to reset the app and begin working with Photoshop as if it were freshly installed.

Word of caution – you may need to reinstall your third-party plug-ins, brushes or patterns but if you’re like me and keep those things organized in a safe place – a quick reinstall takes just a moment or two!

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