Don’t forget to talk about features AND benefits.  Don’t just focus on the features.  For example…

Here’s a feature:

Our new homes use Low-E glass windows


Lower energy bills.

Seems obvious but most people only talk about the features and neglect to ever connect the dots and tell what that actually means.

So here’s the simple formula.  “We provide this feature so that you get this benefit.”

I’ll connect the dots… 🙂

“We build all of our homes with Low-e windows so that you’ll save money on your electricity bills.”

That’s so much more powerful that just saying that you use Low-e glass.  You have to connect the dots for people.  Pretend that all of your customers are idiots.  I know they’re not, but when they’re reading your content, they’re not going to connect the dots because it takes all of their effort just to comprehend what you’re saying, let alone extrapolate what you’re trying to say.

You may think that it’s obvious that low-e glass will lower electricity bills, reduce drafts in the winter, eliminate fading on carpets and ultimately reduce someone’s carbon footprint, but don’t expect them to think of those things when they’re reading.  You have to explain the benefits rather than assuming them.  That’s the biggest mistake that people make.

So what are those two little magic words?

Answer: “so that.”  Those are the little words that connect the features with the benefits.  Remember, “We provide this feature so that you get this benefit.”

Hope that helps.