Why Strong Cologne isn’t Always a Bad Thing

There’s a man that my wife and I refer to as “Cologne Man” because it’s overwhelming and we can’t even focus on what he’s saying when we see him. I bet that if you ask most people, they’ll tell you that too much cologne is a bad thing. Heck, ask some people and they’ll tell you that any cologne is a bad thing. However, a non-scientific study conducted by a college professor showed that a little cologne just might help improve memory. How?

Well, this professor had two weekly classes. Before the first class met each week, the professor sprayed Brut Cologne in the room. The second class, he didn’t. Then, for the final exam, he sprayed Brut Cologne in the room for both groups. Amazingly, the Brut group far outperformed the non-Brut group.

It’s no secret that the olfactory sense is closely tied to memory. Have you ever smelled something that immediately took you back to a time in your past? The same was true of the Brut Cologne which helped the students to recall what they had learned in class, the last time they smelled that scent.

Consider your brand and the scents that are associated with it. Does your waiting room have a pleasant aroma? Or does it smell like sweat or damp carpet? These are things that will leave a lasting impression that will be associated with your brand for many years to come. These smells are difficult to erase from your customers’ brains so make sure that even the subtle scents are carefully chosen so that your brand is always associated with positive emotions, not negative ones.

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