To climb steep hills requires a slow pace, at first, to be successful. The same can be said of reaching goals.

Scott McGregor worked for a company that rented cell phones to business travelers. The phones were designed to produce itemized bills and some companies refused to reimburse their employees without it. Each phone needed a computer chip to keep a billing record of each call.

McGregor quit his job and began to pursue the idea full time. He felt sure it was a winner. After two years of effort, he had met with very little success and faced being evicted from his home. At the eleventh hour, he found an investor willing to help him turn his idea into a reality.

McGregor used part of the money to hire a consulting engineer, but after several months, the engineer said the system McGregor wanted was impossible. He already had an appointment to demonstrate a prototype to Bell South, so he called his twenty-one-year-old son, who was a computer science major. His son began working up to eighteen hours a day to create the automated circuit that would defy the experts.  They both flew to Atlanta to meet with BellSouth and his solution worked.

McGregor and the family firm Telemac Cellular was an industry leader  in the 90s worth over a quarter billion dollars before he retired in 1998.

Sometimes a slow start diligently pursued can result in a big finish. If you are working for an SEO company in Fort Collins or any company in Northern Colorado, the lesson to learn is never give up and always move forward no matter what the obstacle. Working hard and reaching goals does pay off.

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