In a showdown between SEO and great design, which one do you think would win?  Which one would produce better results if you could only pick one?  Now you have to realize that I’m a little biased.  After all, I went to school for graphic design.  That’s why I have to say that SEO wins.  Hands down.  I bet you didn’t expect that.

Think about it for a minute.  A beautiful site that gets no traffic will never stand a chance at producing a sale.  On the other hand, a site that look bad because of the crummy design, but it gets a ton of traffic because of great SEO, stands a chance at making a sale.

Now, combine the two and you have a knock-out.  But don’t forget to consider things like content, pricing, and that little thing called your product.  All the design and seo in the world can’t make up for a product that no one wants.  That’s all for today.

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