SEO in Greeley, Colorado is important, just as it is for every business in every other city in the world.  SEO, also known as search engine optimization has proven to provide the highest ROI of any marketing technique because of its uncanny ability to present your company’s message to the world at an affordable price.  While you may have a local business here in Greeley and you may be thinking, “I don’t care if the whole world knows about my business.  I just want to be ranked number one for local Greeley searches,” you still need to consider SEO in order to achieve that coveted #1 position.

SEO in Greeley’s history has been overlooked because of the popularity of traditional forms of advertising in things like the phone book or the newspaper.  But recently, more and more companies in Greeley are becoming aware of the need for SEO in order for their sites to rank well in local searches containing the phrase, “Greeley.”

SEO in Greeley is just as important as it is in Denver or any other part of Colorado for that matter.  Without proper search engine optimization techniques, your site will never rank well on Google, despite the limited competition in Greeley.  Websites that ignore Google’s recommended SEO practices will simply not be found and will sit silent with no traffic.  In fact, I just read the other day that 96% of all websites have been ignored by Google and have subsequently been lost in cyberspace.  When you stop to consider that 96% of all sites have never been read, that’s a financial fortune that’s been wasted by small businesses in design and programming costs.  Imagine the dashed hopes.  Imagine the disappointment that all of those companies have experienced when they paid for a new website only to discover that the phone didn’t start ringing and the orders didn’t start rolling in.

SEO can take time, especially if your site is brand new.  But if your site’s been around for a while you’ll find that getting your site ranked may be easier.

Take for instance a new client that I’m working with right now.   McGuyver Painting has long been one of Northern Colorado’s finest professional painting companies.  They’ve been serving Northern Colorado including Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley for years and have had a website since 2001.  But run a search for phrases like “painting in Greeley” and their site won’t appear anywhere in the first 10 pages.  Why?  Because their original site contains a couple small things that Google doesn’t like.  But we’re fixing that.  Beware professional painting competition.  McGuyver Painting will soon be at the top.   Since their site has been in existance for more than 5 years, getting them ranked shouldn’t be too tough of a job.

SEO practices when done correctly can skyrocket a site to the top of the search engines, especially for relatively easy-to-achieve local phrases like “painters in Greeley.”  But beware of claims that any phrase can achieve top position over night.  I don’t want to mislead you.  Some phrases are tough.  If your business operates in a competitive landscape, then you can imagine that SEO, even in Greeley at a local level will be competitive too.  However, if you’re not in real estate or mortages, then you should be alright.  We’ve gotten many companies here in Colorado ranked in Google’s #1 position for competitive phrases but it takes more time and obviously more effort.

SEO in Greeley has been the answer to affordable marketing for multiple businesses in Greeley and for those of you who are just discovering the benefits of SEO, stay tuned and we’ll continue to cover it in more depth.  Or check out our other SEO articles.  There are tons of valuable tips and tricks.

If SEO sounds like what you need to give your Greeley business a shot in the arm, give as a call to arrange a consultation.  There’s no charge for the first meeting and I bet you’ll learn more than you ever knew was possible about SEO.  There are tons of mistakes that I see every day that have caused businesses to lose website traffic so please give us a call BEFORE you begin developing your next site. It just might prevent you from wasting your money so your site isn’t one of the 96% that are never read by anyone.

Chadd Bryant
Red Rocket Media Group, LLC
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