Why All Seagulls Look as Though They Were Named Emma

I often find it funny when I get a birth announcement and they say that the baby is named something like, “Dennis.” While I never look at a grown man and think, “He doesn’t look like a Dennis,” I do pause for a moment and wonder what a baby Dennis might look like. I just can’t picture that.

They say that people carry a lot of baggage, but so do words. They have perceptions that are associated with them. They’ve been associated with things in the past that seem to color them today. My wife told me once that she’d never let us name one of our kids Jake because she had known a lot of Jakes that were class clowns when she was teaching.

But did you know that people respond to words, often based on how they sound? For instance, ask any comedian and they’ll tell you that words that have the “k” sound in them are funny words that will get a laugh. Ironically, those class clowns named Jake, had that “k” sound in their names.   If those same boys had been named Elmer or Fred, would they have been perceived differently, or perhaps would that have even been more of a wall flower? I would venture to say yes.

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