If you follow any SEO news closely, you may have been hearing a lot of people talking about “Schema” after the recent Hummingbird update. Today, I’d like to delve into what it means to use Schema markup.

What is Schema?

Schema is a way of highlighting certain types of content in your website, and showing it to search engines in a format that helps them understand it and make good use of it for readers. For example, you can tell Google, Bing and Yahoo that there’s a particular part of the content that is about a person. So you can see it at work, we’ve inserted Schema here about Chadd Bryant, CEO of Red Rocket:

Red Rocket Web Specialists
The guys this blog post would like to highlight.

This just let’s Google know that this section is all about Chadd, and that Google should pay attention to that particular section of it and show relevant results about Chadd. So, when you type in “Chadd Bryant” into a search, the idea would be that Google can bring back this blog post and say, “hey, I know who Chadd is.”

There are many different types of Schema. If you’re needing some help letting Google know about the types of content you have on your website, give us a call!

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