While you may have heard of reputation management; however, you you may not have heard about reputation marketing. Unlike reputation management, which focuses predominantly on the notification and suppression of negative reviews, reputation marketing is a relatively new concept that emphasizes what a business is doing right: an exceptional experience.

Additionally, rather than taking a reactionary approach, reputation marketing takes a proactive approach in requesting five star reviews from satisfied customers.

For most local businesses, exceptional customer service and achieving an outstanding reputation is important. Some businesses will spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on developing habits that will result in better recognition of the business. However, fr many businesses, there is a disconnect for many businesses between their efforts in the physical and how they are portrayed online.

Ask yourself this simple question: if someone were to search for your business do you know what they would find?

Hopefully, what a potential customer would find would be an accurate portrayal of your business. This is why marketing your online reputation is so important. Did you know that it is estimated over 90% of consumers check reviews before making a purchase?

Sites such as Yelp, Google Local, Trip Advisor, Facebook and Twitter have made it very easy for consumers to gage who they want to do business with. Nearly all of these sites have a rating system based on five stars. This has given consumers a very powerful voice.

If someone were to look at your business and saw a five star review about how amazing your customer service was, they’d be more inclined to pick up the phone and give you call. If you had hundreds of these reviews, you’d most likely get the job. People want to know what they are getting. They want value.

If you haven’t considered how  your reputation is affecting your business, maybe it’s time to take a look. It may just be a part of that “missing piece” that propels your business toward the next level.

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