The last couple months have been pretty busy for Google. They’re always releasing new updates, left and right. However, their most recent update takes the cake.  Hummingbird, Google’s largest update since 2001, is quickly becoming the “talk of the town.” Here are two quick things to keep in mind if you want to rank high on Google (or if you’re still trying to scale the Google summit):

  1. Yes, links are important. You want links coming at your site that are from reputable sources. The more of them you have, the more “relevant” you seem to Google. But don’t hang your hat on this. Don’t go out and buy 50,000 links for $10. THIS WILL HURT YOU. Write good content that people want to link to, and share on your social sites so people want to link to it.
  2. Don’t write content for the sake of writing content. When you’re blogging (which as you know, we think is pretty important), write useful information that people actually want to read. Don’t focus on search engines; they’re not the ones you need to impress. Remember, you can be #1 on Google, but if you aren’t making sales, who cares? If you write stuff people want to read, Google will follow.

Hope that helps!

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