Remember that commercial that came out about a year or so ago?  The one where the little girl and the mom were talking back and forth in “text message language.”  “OMG, my bff Jill!”  “TSNF!!”  I always chuckled when I saw it because I thought it was so ridiculous…

Well my bff (best friend), bf (boy friend), and mom are all teachers and there is one thing that I hear them complain about constantly and the thought just blows my mind!  Kids are starting to write in school using text lingo!?!

What is the world coming to? Replacing “you’s” with “u” …  “thx” for “thanks” … This is the literacy of the next generation shining through and it strikes me as thought provoking on multiple levels.  The educated side of me feels that this is tragic, but yet the business side of me thinks it could be revolutionary.

I’m thankful for being very well educated, but every now and then, I find myself adding my habits from instant messaging and texting into places where I shouldn’t.  I’m starting to see the emergence of the “text revolution.”

Usually my blogs are fairly level headed, and this idea may seem out there – but I really don’t see it being that far fetched.

So I beg the question, is txt (text message) writing taking over our society for future generations?  And how do we adapt with this…

The marketing side of me tells me to embrace this texting takeover.  Think of it this way, running a campaign targeting the younger generations that uses that lingo… that could have real potential.

At my job we stress 5th generation marketing – with takes breaking target markets down and identifying them by the trends that affect their generation rather than just looking at demographics, psycho-graphics, etc.  If 5th generation marketing  principals hold true, which we have found that they, then it’s looking like txt language will have a greater impact with this forth-coming generation.

So where do we go from here?  Should I brush up on my w.e.’s, ttyl’s, and idk’s to get ready for this potential targeting shift?

Atp (at this point) the future seems unclear for my txt revolution.  But who know’s “ich”  (it could happen).

– From the Writer’s Corner Office

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