Since it’s just a few days before the big game (I usually write my blog posts a few weeks prior to publishing) I couldn’t resist throwing out a prediction. But since we need to keep this work-related, I’m going to write about my top-three NFL Logo Designs – ever.

I’m not entirely sure how the NFL goes about its process of designing logos – whether the franchises are responsible for hiring graphic designers or firms to do the work, or if the NFL has approved vendors like most giant corporations. But a few logos have withstood the test of time and here are my top three.




3. Green Bay Packers
What’s great about this logo is that I don’t think most people get that it’s the shape of a football. Or at least a football from the days when the Green Bay Packers were actually owned by a meat packing plant. But the san-serif ‘G’ looks really tough and if you want to go a step further – doesn’t it look like its being packed into that football shape? This logo is so good – the University of Georgia ripped it off. Those are some serious props.




2. Houston Texans
Maybe it’s an homage to Paul Stanley of KISS, but the Houston Texans logo represents the lone star state very well. The only disappointment I have with this logo is that the star – used in place of the eye – does not necessarily put Houston on the map. That would be totally cool.





1. Buffalo Bills
Okay, go ahead – call me a homer. There’s something about being from Buffalo that can’t be explained – despite being ten years removed from this decaying east coast city, people from Buffalo seem to gravitate towards each other. Like weather systems clashing over the Great Lakes. But the Buffalo Bills logo has outlasted most logos and back in 1974 – it was the rage. It captures the Wild West pioneer Buffalo Bill, the patriotism of America’s fascination with all-things Western and the fierce power of our nation’s most beautiful beasts.

Now for my SuperBowl XLVI prediction – I’m going to take the Giants over the Patriots, 31-24. I like the Giants receivers against a Patriots secondary that starts 4-string wide receivers as cornerbacks. Not that Brady throws down field much anymore since Randy Moss left town – but he’ll struggle against the Giants front seven on defense.

Next week – when this post is published, we’ll see if I should have gone to Vegas to watch the game. Cheers!

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