The #1 rule to live by for writers writing works for others: it’s just writing, so don’t take criticism so personally!

I’ve seen far too many writers take criticism and feedback too personally, whether it was for writing in composition class, copy writing for advertising class, or writing and proofing copy for the marketing world. This is the M.O. when it comes to writing works for someone else’s approval.

The second someone hears that someone doesn’t like what they wrote, they absolutely freak out! “Oh my gosh, they are so stupid,” “they don’t know good writing when they see it,” and “I have more experience at this then they do, I’m so right – they have no idea what they are talking about” are phrases that I have heard A LOT in the last ten years.

Okay, the only person being stupid is you… IT’S JUST WRITING, DON’T TAKE IT SO PERSONALLY!

The writer’s ego is what usually keeps them from writing that final copy because they only want to see it their way, not someone else’s.

Remember everyone is different; we all have different styles, tastes, approaches… so just because one person may criticize what you’ve written doesn’t mean you need to take it so personally.

When you write for someone else, you should write with the READER in mind… not the WRITER. In the marketing world, your client probably knows his/her industry better than you do and knows what their clients want/need to hear. You may know a lot about your clients industry, but realistically, it’s not your career – so it’s just better to appease them… even if you don’t think it sounds like you think it should.

I realize it’s very hard to not take the criticism of your writing personally, especially because you put so much of yourself into what you write.

But you need to develop “thick” writing skin. Don’t let what others say bother you. Make the changes that make them happy to get the job done in the end.

It will make your writing life so much easier… Arguing over who’s style is right/wrong will get you absolutely nowhere when it comes to writing. If anything you will have to keep working on it longer, which is probably the last thing that you want to be doing.

-from the Writer’s Corner Office

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