Internet marketing in Denver is growing by leaps and bounds.  It doesn’t matter if your thinking about taking advantage of search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, Internet marketing is going crazy.  If you’ve been hearing a lot about things like Twitter but you’re a little confused about the benefit and how it can help win sales for your Denver business, stay tuned.

Internet marketing is a very broad topic, and it’s growing larger every day.  As more and more technologies come about, increasing numbers of business, both small and large are taking advantage of the benefits of Internet marketing.  A recent study by Nielson demonstrated that Internet marketing is not only growing faster than any other segment of marketing, it’s also providing the highest ROI.

If you’re feeling a little left out, it’s not too late to jump on the Internet marketing bandwagon and get your business involved.  In fact, only 62% of marketers are taking advantage of it as we speak.  Even those who should be leading the trends in marketing are just getting on board.

So you own a business in Denver and maybe you’re wondering how you can generate sales leads with Internet marketing.  Let’s look at a couple scenarios.

Internet Marketing in Denver: Example 1.

You own a small ice cream shop in Denver.  You want to get more people to try your delicious ice cream.  Twitter is a great avenue.  Internet marketing builds rapport and community and what does a local ice cream shop in Denver need more than a sense of community?  Twitter is a microblog.  Simply put, that means that you don’t have to write a lot.  You have 140 characters to speak your mind.  That’s two sentences.  If you can’t think of two sentences a day I’d be surprised.  Your blog post could just say:

Denver ice cream shop unveils new flavor of the month: chocolate Twitter pop.  Yum!

After a couple months, you’ll notice that more and more people want to follow your updates, if their interesting.  Offer discounts to your followers and build rapport.  People love to be rewarded for being loyal customers.  If you want to get even more followers promote your twitter user name on your menu and offer a free scoop of Chocolate Twitter Pop when someone becomes a follower on Twitter.

Internet Marketing in Denver: Example 2.

Let’s say you run a wedding boutique near Washington Park in Denver.  Internet marketing can prove to be your best marketing tool.  Pay-per-click ads on Google can drive tons of qualified traffic to your site just minutes from now.  Another Internet marketing tool is called SEO.  That’s the process of getting your site ranked higher on Google in the free, or organic listings.  Those listings not only get more clicks that the paid listings, they also tend to convert visitors into customers better.  You can expect that people who click on the free listings are actually more likely to buy from you than those who click on the paid listings.

Internet Marketing in Denver: Example 3.

You own a law firm in downtown Denver.  You don’t need to get tons of new clients, but would like to get at least 3 new clients a month.  Using a blog on your site could help to establish you as an expert and cause people to hire you because you offered them great advice through your blog for free.  You see, people feel obligated to reciprocate when you provide something to them.  Even if advice is part of your Internet marketing campaign, it can still engage the rule of reciprocity.  Not only does a blog offer free content for the public, it also provides Google with more content to find.  The more pages you have on your site about a particular topic, the better your chances are of being found when someone searches for your Denver law firm.


Internet marketing is a wide-reaching topic that can include many different avenues.  You don’t have to do everything simultaneously.  Just choose one thing and become good at it.  Internet marketing is catching on and is spreading like wildfire but it’s not too late for you to take advantage of it to promote your Denver business.  But you’d better move quickly.  The speed at which it’s expanding is astonishing.  If you don’t jump on board now, your competition will be miles ahead of you before you know it.  Once they get the jump on you, it may be hard to catch up.

Please call us today at 970-674-0079 if you’d like to discuss how Red Rocket can assist with your Internet marketing needs and help promote your business to Denver and beyond.

Chadd Bryant

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