There’s no doubt, Internet Marketing in Denver is growing rapidly.  We’ve been talking over the past week about how Internet Marketing for your Denver business might be the most economical solution during this recession because Internet Marketing has proven to have higher a ROI than other forms of advertising.

This morning, let’s talk a little about Google Adwords, one very important aspect of Internet Marketing.  To stick with our example from a couple days ago, lets pretend that you own a flower shop in Denver.  As you may recall from our example, many more people are searching for “flower delivery in Denver” than “flower shops in Denver” so we decided that it would be wise to go after the keyword phrase that gets more searches.  We were talking about using SEO to promote your site in the free or organic listings on Google rather than the paid listings.  The organic listings are great, if you can get your site listed at the top.  Now that’s a difficult task though so sometimes it’s easier, and faster to use Google’s Adwords program to get your site listed at the top of the page.  In fact, your site can be up there 15 minutes from now.  It’s been streamlined so it’s easy to set up and inexpensive to get started.  You can even set your budget so you know you’ll never be charged more than you can afford.

To set up a Google Adwords account for your flower shop in Denver, just visit  Follow the simple steps to create your ad and fund your account with a few bucks.  I usually just start with $50 worth of advertising.  Depending on how popular your ad is, you may spend that $50 in 5 minutes or 5 weeks.  Obviously you want as many people to visit your Denver flower shop so you’d better make your ad attractive. But beware that you only want the right people to click on your ads.  Since you’re paying each time someone clicks on your ad, you only want qualified leads to click on your ads.  If someone is looking for Flowered Wallpaper in Denver, that won’t do you any good of they click on your ads.  Only people who live in Denver and want to have fresh flowers delivered will be good customers for you.   So the key to good pay-per-click advertising management is to write ads that attract the right people and not the wrong ones.  You want to get as many qualified leads to click.

So pay-per-click ads are one example of the many ways that you can untilize Internet Marketing in Denver.   Tomorrow, well hit on blogging and how it can shoot your business to the top of Google’s search results, whether you’re selling flowers in Denver or flowered wallpaper in Delaware.

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