When things slow down and customers quit walking in the door and the phone quits ringing, perhaps it’s time to do something you’re never done before. While you’re probably familiar with pay-per-click advertising, like Google’s AdWords program, most people have never even heard of pay-per-call advertising. It’s the latest form of advertising where you only pay when someone responds to your ads. The pay-for-performance model is becoming more and more popular and now people around the globe are enjoying the benefits of pay-per-call advertising.

Here’s how it works…

It’s pretty simple. You write a short ad, similar to a classified ad and then your ad will be placed on dozens of sites like yellowpages.com. When someone calls the 800 number on the ad, the calls are forwarded to your phone number and you’re charged a couple dollars. The 800 number tracks the calls so you can check reports online to see who called, when they called and how long the call lasted.

As with pay-per-click ads, there are no contracts to sign so you can bow-out at any time. You’re not bound to lengthy contracts like you would be with the phone book or most other forms of advertising. Plus, you get calls from people who are actually interested in your products. After all, they found your ad, only after they searched for a phrase related to your company’s offerings.

The benefits go on and on. I just can’t say enough good stuff about pay-for-performance advertising. When we ran our first campaign to test the new medium, we paid $6 in advertising and landed a $13,000 contract. Not a bad return on investment.

Hope that helps,

Chadd Bryant

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