Red Rocket is neither a web development firm nor a graphic design company. We’re both, and more!  There are so many components that are required for the development of a successful site.  It’s for this reason that small shops generally can’t handle complete website development from start to finish unless they are sacrificing quality in areas where they are not specialists.  Each part of the development process requires skills that take years to master.  No one should be expected to be an expert designer, writer, marketer, programmer, search engineer and more.  That’s why Red Rocket has multiple experts ready to go to work on your project so you’re assured that only specialists are working on your job.

While you may save a buck or two, would you want to hand your project over to a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, or would you prefer to entrust your project to a team of specialists who each focus on their own skilled areas?  When considering which company to hire for your project, be sure to ask whether or not your job will be designed by a skilled graphic designer, programmed by an actual programmer, written by an expert Internet copywriter, and marketed by someone who specializes in search engine marketing.

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What are some examples of the little details that make a difference?

If you’ve spent any amount of time investigating various web development companies, you might think that they’re all the same.  While the portfolios of two companies may appear to both be very professional looking on the surface, unfortunately, the differences are generally hidden in the subtleties of the code where only an expert can distinguish […]