Most of us would agree that being environmentally conscious is important. But, for many small businesses that are busy juggling client requests, employee issues and cash flow, becoming a greener business is probably not a top priority. Although, it turns out that making your business more environmentally friendly will also reduce your expenses.

Here are five tips that will help reduce your carbon footprint and save you some money, too:

  • Recycle your toner cartridges – They contain chemicals that are hazardous to the environment if leaked.  And, many big box stores have programs that make it very easy to return the cartridges for free. Some will even pay you cash or give you a credit towards future office supply purchases.
  • Stop buying plastic water bottles: Adding a filter to your tap is cheaper and more eco-friendly.
  • Go paperless: Create a digital storage system.  In the long run it will be easier to search for documents and you will save money on paper and toner.
  • Reduce junk mail: For many of us, this is the majority of the mail we receive (and throw away) each day. There are many free services and apps that will help you remove your name from mailing lists.
  • Video conferencing: Conferencing with clients instead of meeting with them in person saves money on travel costs and reduces your carbon footprint.
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