Today, Starbucks came out with a new logo, to mixed reviews from the general populace. I, personally, think it’s a great logo and perfect for a company that has outgrown it’s own name in a way. It just makes sense! The logo conveys a simplicity and elegance that I tend to root for.

However, this blog post isn’t about the logo itself, it’s the reasoning behind it. Checking out the video on their preview site I came to understand that the logo was addressed the way it was because of the wish of the company to expand beyond coffee. As such, the word “Coffee” just had to go. This led to some inner-office discussion about the potentially disastrous decision to try to expand for a company.

We understand that the best way to run a SUCCESSFUL company is to find your niche. The formula is simple: it’s easy to be the best at something when you’re the only one doing it! Starbucks, however, looks like it is trying to escape it’s niche and be more. This is admirable, and may work, however I always believe that you can be kinda good at a lot of things, or really good at one thing. If Starbucks is to expand, it could end up being that their niche they crafted (coffee) suffers due to their concentration in many facets. Not that this is going to happen, as they are a large, house-hold name, but I think it’s important for everyone to understand the benefit of the niche.

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