Here’s a quick little tidbit.  Did you know that if you measure the number of sales that come from people who clicked on the organic or free listings in Google, compared to the people who clicked on the pay-per-click advertisements, you’ll see that those who click on the free listings are much more likely to buy?  It’s believed that they are more savvy web users because they ignore the ads.  The advertisers are perceived by savvy web users as pushing their products while the sites in the free, organic listings are perceived as just offering their assistance.   Those who are not as savvy, may click on the ads, but they’re not as ready to buy, they’re just shopping and they’re not necessarily looking for a company they can trust.  Once a user makes up their mind to buy, they are more likely to trust the companies in the free listings so they get the clicks from the surfers who are ready to buy.

Just food for thought…

Chadd Bryant

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