How do you choose a font that will make them remember your message?

Did you know that fancy fonts in advertisements are more memorable because the mind has to work harder to process them? That’s right. One study showed that people who read advertisements designed with fancy, harder-to-read fonts had a much higher recall rate a week after being exposed to the ads. By simply engaging the brain and causing it to struggle a little with what the font said caused people to remember the ads much more. Now this flies in the face of most other advertising tricks which utilize techniques for simplifying the design in order to maximize impact, but it’s worth packing away in your toolbox of great ideas.

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Which font can make or break your next ad’s results?

Which font can make or break your next ad’s results? Roger Dooley noted in his book, Brainfluence, that a scientific study revealed that participants rated tasks written in hard-to-read fonts as much more difficult than tasks written in easy-to-read fonts. The study presented groups of people with instructions for a physical workout and then asked […]