Next Time, Please Don’t Skimp on your Business Cards

Hand me your business card and I instinctively flick the corner with my thumbnail to check thickness of the paper. If it bends because of the flimsy paper, I have to admit that deep down inside, I probably wonder a little about your business’ credibility. Even worse, if I run my thumb down the edge of your card I detect those tiny micro-perforations because you printed your cards on your inkjet and punched them out of an 8.5” x 11” sheet, then I really start to second-guess your credibility.

I have to admit, when I first started Red Rocket, I printed my own cards and meticulously cut them out with an X-acto knife. I was 24 years old and couldn’t justify the cost, especially since I didn’t have any prospects to hand them to.

I’ve always liked thick business cards but I just figured that I was a design snob. As it turns out, actual scientific studies have confirmed that I’m not alone. Even those who aren’t used to selecting 120-pound paper for their business cards detect the thinner papers and deem those businesses to have less credibility. In fact, one study showed that the weight of one’s marketing materials directly affected the prospect’s 0verall perception. Materials presented on weighted clip boards rated higher than those with the same design, presented on lighter clipboards. Do you need to present your business card attached to a clipboard? Sure would be memorable, but it’s probably not necessary.   But, considering the cost difference is probably an additional $15 on your next business card order, go ahead and splurge, Big Spender. Go for the cards that will build credibility, rather than degrade it.  Request the 120-pound paper with an aqueous coating for added weight. Hope that helps.

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