Years ago my oldest son was tagging along with me on trip to the store. He was about 5 yrs old at the time and could really only read site words. we pulled up to the store, grabbed a cart and went inside. No sooner had we rounded the produce isle when he exclaimed, “Dad, we’re in Walmart?” I was completely surprised because here was a kid who could’t read yet he knew we where in Walmart. I thought to myself, “my wife must have told him that this is Walmart. ” So I asked him, ” How do you know it’s Walmart?” He replied, “Because of the logo. It looks like the Sun.” Amazing.

Fast forward 2 years. The other day I was wearing a t-shirt with an oval on the front with the name of our orthodontist printed in the middle. My 4 year old came up to me with a huge grin on his faced and proclaimed, “Cool Dad! Smashburger!”

The point to all this, a logo can do wonders for brand recognition. So I began to wonder, how many websites are designed with brand recognition in mind. Imagine if your website was just as easily recognized by a 4 year old. Perhaps that’s something to consider when it comes to website design.

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