The concept of commerce has been around since the dawn of man. Before those loveable cave dwellers were slinging cheap car insurance they were trading animal furs for food, water or fire – and I would expect that the exchange either ended with each party having what they perceived to be a good value for their trade, or it deteriorated into clubs being swung wildly at each others mammoth frontal lobes.

Contrary to some claims, there has never been more than a single solution to trading goods or services in exchange for some type of currency. Provide the customer with a greater perceived value, make it as easy as possible for the customer to make a purchasing decision, and continue providing this level of service. So easy, a cave man could do it. Right?

Well, not exactly. But this will certainly take less than 15 minutes and will no doubt save you tons of cash. Our creativity in website marketing hasn’t created a magic elevator speech, business card or Facebook page that causes your customers to hand over their wallets. It’s a simple philosophy that our website search engine optimization has to increase the opportunities to find prospects, convert them to customers and keep them coming back. You could have invented the greatest product in the history of the world, but if 86% of today’s consumers can’t find it using Google – your business will become extinct.

What we create is not really art in the sense that it’s somehow unique – it’s simply increasing the perceived value of our clients’ brand. How do we do that? Well, we eliminate unnecessary steps to reduce objections and shorten the sales cycle – another way of putting it is that we make it easier to convert your prospects into customers.

In other words, we create opportunities for our clients.

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