Is competition increasing your customers’ loyalty?

We recently got together with a group of friends and for a nighttime scavenger hunt. Yeah, a bunch of adults, and we had a blast. Here’s the thing, as soon as we were paired up in our teams of 4, we all became fiercely competitive. I’m normally not a competitive kind of guy but I was willing to do just about anything to win that trophy, which by the way, was a roll of toilet paper.

It’s amazing to see how people are willing to form allegiances with total strangers when it means that their team can claim victory. We’ll turn our backs (in fun) on family and friends just to be part of the winning team. Imagine how this tactic can be used to motivate groups of people who either buy your product or not.

Look at the rivalry between Chevy and Ford pickup drivers. Or, how about Apple’s famous, “I’m a Mac. I’m a P.C.” commercials? Both are examples of how people are willing to go to bat for their brands because of the intentional rivalry that was established through smart marketing and public relations.

Consider how you might be able to form a dedicated tribe of followers just by positioning your brand and one that beats the competition. Hope that helps.

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