The last steps in our case study on getting a high search engine ranking for Church and Clergy Tax Guide is to keep blogging, create keyword phrase alignment, and then sit back and wait for the search engine spiders to “crawl” our blog and update their rankings. Search engines have been getting better and better at updating their content, but you still need to create a good reputation of posting new content. If you have a good new-content-creation track record, and a well set up website, you’ll be spidered more frequently. Red Rocket Media Group’s website fits those criteria.

As it turns out, when our first post for Church and Clergy Tax Guide went live at 11:29AM MDT this morning, Google spidered it–checked our site for new content and updated their listings–about almost immediately. What’s almost immediately? In less than a minute after the post was published.

A critical piece to this is that the keyword phrase we chose, “Church and Clergy Tax Guide,” is used as the link text–the part that’s underlined and clicked on. If, instead, we make a common mistake and use the link text of our company website, “Red Rocket Media Group,” search engines will think that a vote should be cast for “Red Rocket Media Group.” This may increase the search engine rankings when people search for “Red Rocket Media Group,” but it would do nothing for our goal of Church and Clergy Tax Guide. Don’t make this common mistake.

After keyword phrase link-building, the next most important thing we can focus on in the short time-frame we’ve given ourselves, is to make sure that our page title, post title, post URL, and post content are all aligned. Being all aligned means that the keyword phrase, Church and Clergy Tax Guide, can be seen in the:

  • page title–the text on the top of your browser window
  • post title–the actual title of our blog post, is usually inside a header tag like “h1” or “h2” in the underlying code, which search engines use to help rank phrases, in our case this is “Church and Clergy Tax Guide – Last Steps
  • post URL–the webpage address of the main article, in our case “

Now that our second post, “Church and Clergy Tax Guide – Next Steps” has been live for a few minutes, we’ve moved from 22nd to 16th in Google’s ranking. I wonder where we’re going to rank after this post? Copy and paste this URL into your browser to find out:

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