Church and Clergy Tax Guide is a brief interactive case study we’re giving a go. Many Northern Colorado companies want to see more business coming to them from the Internet. So, here you can follow one strategy we’ve used successfully to get quick, measurable results.

We have a local company who works with church clergy finances is hoping to see their search engine rankings increase. We’re hoping to see them skyrocket.

So, as a business wanting more business coming from the web, what do you do? The first step is to identify a few keywords that you want to rank well for in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo!–words that you think bring you business. In this case, we’re targeting “Church and Clergy Tax Guide.”

Church and Clergy Tax Guide is a good phrase to focus on because it is “long-tailed,” meaning that it has more than one or words in the phrase. The more words in the phrase, the fewer the competitors and the better your chances at getting ranked higher in a search engine.

Currently, Red Rocket Media Group ( is not ranked at all for “Church and Clergy Tax Guide” in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Follow along to see how their ranking improves in the next few hours–that’s right I said hours–and how you can do the same.

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