So, now that an hour and a half has passed for our Church and Clergy Tax Guide case study, how did we do?

Our Challenge
Go from unranked to as high a rank as we could in Google within a few hours.

Our Efforts

  • Chose our keyword phrase
  • Wrote and posted 3 blog postings on Church and Clergy Tax Guide
  • Keyword-aligned many parts of our church and clergy tax guide page

Our Result
At the time of this writing, we had moved…

First post =>From Unranked to 22
Second post =>From 22 to 16
Third post =>From 16 to 12
This post =>You’ll have to check for yourself at

Our Thoughts
Some people may look at this and think we used some hidden tactics or search engine trickery to get this done. Or, that we knew ahead of time how well it was going to work. Not so. We just thought we’d try to put our money where our mouth is. It just takes knowing what works, having a good website, and helping search engines find and index you for the right keywords. You can have amazing results if you follow the same steps.

Give us a call if you’d like us to help you get similar results for your business.

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