Over the years, there have been a number of ways that you could get better listings on Google, but these days, one of the best ways is by starting your own blog. You’re reading a blog right now, so you’re ahead of a lot of people out there. Blog is just a contraction for the words “web” and “log” but as Google has come to like blogs more and more, the word has also become an acronym for the phrase “better listings on Google.”

Google loves to see new content. If your site is filled with old, outdated content that hasn’t been changed in a long time, Google will eventually quit visiting your site and your presence will drop off. The sites that have regularly changing content are the ones that stand a better chance of being listed toward the top of Google. Not to mention that if you add new content to your site and Google is used to seeing your site change every week or every day, they’ll visit your site more regularly and your new content will be listed on Google right away. On the other hand, if you never change your site, and you finally add something new, Google isn’t likely to pick it up for a very long time since they have recognized the pattern of stagnant content.

Adding a blog to your site can give you an easy way to continually add fresh content to your site so that Google comes back to your site every day to read through the new stuff. Plus, the more you add to your site, the more opportunity you have for your pages to be found. If you have one page on your site that’s about your business, that’s not much. But if you write about it everyday, you’ll have hundreds of pages before you know it.

If you’re a thinking that adding a blog to your site might be a little daunting, there are many out of the box products that can be added to make the process easier. In fact, this blog was added with relatively little effort. The most important thing to remember is that you must commit to blogging. Otherwise it’s not going to be of any value. You must add content at least 3 times a week, although the more you do it the better.

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Chadd Bryant

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