Follow these tips on improving your website:

Keeping your website navigation to a minimum.

If you have 10 or more links in your navigation it is often confusing to figure out which one to go to.   If you keep them to a minimum users will have a much easier time of finding information on your website.  Also, adding sub-menus or sub-links is also a good way of organizing your website into blocked out content.

Create a call to action on most pages.
It is important to have your users wanting more information throughout your pages on your website.   Having buttons, links, or images will gain the users attention and create flow from one page to the next.

Contact information present at all times
Keeping your phone number, email, or fax numbers in the header and footer of your website is important so there are no guessing games when it comes to how to get in contact with you.

Use simple clean image and graphics.
Images not only support your content but often times tell the entire story of what you want to say without having to say anything.

A mobile friendly website.
Responsive and mobile friendly websites have seen a huge rise in popularity. Making sure your website works on a computer, smart phone or device is important since most folks are using them.

Social Media.

Add another level of information to gain followers and interact with your clients using social media.

Hire Someone who knows how to build your website.

Enough said.



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