Chances are, if you’ve ever navigated to a website on your iPad you may have noticed that things seemed a bit fuzzy. Perhaps it appeared a lot like watching your standard definition programming on your big-screen HD television at home?

Well, good news. The development team at Red Rocket has come up with a way to ensure that every user experience has amazing, crisp, high-definition images without jeopardizing bandwidth. We use what’s called ‘high definition graphics’ to deliver high-quality images whose resolution is based on the user’s device.

Here’s how it works. As our client’s website is being transferred from the server to the user’s device, the images are interpolated to display at their required size – adjusting the resolution to accommodate either phones or tablets. Check it out here.

So, why should you consider adaptive image resolution?

  1. Beautiful images regardless of device.
  2. Little or no impact on bandwidth.
  3. Server-side interpolation.

Just another way our team of specialists are bridging the user-experience gap between various web devices.

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