By in large, the web is a visual experience. And if you consider the trend of people accessing the web via mobile devices, then visuals matter even more. Users tend to develop their initial level of trust based on superficial elements, i.e. design. And how they use the site is very much determined by how it is arranged visually and how well the information is presented.

So here’s are 3 reasons why design matters
1.    First impressions are more important than ever
2.    Usability and user experience is crucial
3.    Good design means greater control

First Impressions
Chances are pretty good that a user will end up on your web site or blog through some sort of search or referral. Which means that all that hard work spent on SEO and the like has payed off.  But what happens once they get to your site?
This is where web design comes in to play.  If you go to a site and it looks terrible or confusing, what is the first thing you do? Yep, click the back button!
Whether you realize it or not, everyone experiences a subconscious reaction to a website before ever having read one bit of content. Your first impression is based on the overall look and feel of the site. Therefore, your design needs to support the content and goals of the site.
Since a website plays an integral part in promoting your brand, the look of your site should:
* visually convey the feelings you want the user to have about your company
* be inviting to the visitor
* invoke user confidence
If the user has a bad first impression, good luck trying to keep them from clicking the back button.
Of course there are many other factored which contribute to having an effective site but again, web design is an integral part of your business. But your thinking, “Hey, you said there are 3 reasons why design matters and you’ve only explained 1.” And in that you would be correct. So, next time we’ll talk about usability and user experience. Then we’ll address how good web design means greater control.

Until then just remember this; good web design is just as crucial as having the site itself.

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