Well, last week, we ran a quick experiment to see how long it would take to rank on Google for a phrase with zero competition.  We wrote a quick blog post about “zeigarnik kinnikinnick.”  In case you were wondering, Zeigarnik was a Russian psychologist.  Kinnikinnick is a little plant with tiny green leaves that grows on the floor of the pine forests here in Colorado.  Obviously those are two pretty obscure words and when you put them together, there’s no one else out there offering information about both of those words on the same page.  It’s actually pretty difficult to even find a topic that hasn’t been mentioned on a web page at least a dozen times.

Anyway, after throwing up a quick post about “zeigarnik kinnikinnick,” we checked back with Google every now and then to see how long it would take for Google to pick up the post and rank it in their results.  Nothing happened in the first few hours, but by the next morning, there it was.  So what does that tell us?   Basically, the site is being found.   It’s content is being read.  It’s being listed in Google’s database and now we have a bench mark to beat.

So what’s our best time to rank?  Last year, when Google first released their update called “Caffeine” we were able to get a site ranked in 17 seconds.  Things change and apparently Google found better things to do with their time than read our blog every 17 seconds.

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Zeigarnik Kinnikinnick

What the heck is zeigarnik kinnikinnick?  Nothing really.  It's just a couple real words that when searched for on Google, bring back no results....yet. It's really just an experiment.  How long will it take to rank zeigarnik kinnikinnick?  2 hours?  2 days? 2 weeks?  We'll see.   Stay tuned.