I often think about how much time I spend on the net, surfing from site to site, following all sorts of rabbit holes to the best (and worst) that these interwebs have to offer. While I know that I spend MUCH more time visiting websites than the average Joe, it got me to pondering how website design functions as a middleman between a seller (of products or ideas) and a consumer. Websites are literally the face of the seller, and often it is all that the consumer will see.

So it is shocking to me the amount of poorly designed websites out there! I have often arrived at a website to only hastily hit the back button as soon as I see the design and layout. Such sites say to me “we didn’t have the time or want to worry about your concerns” and I quickly look elsewhere for the information I need. There is only one thing worse than not having a well designed website: not having a website at all. A recent survey has found that over 40% of businesses don’t even have a web presence to begin with!

So, first step is a website. Second step: think of the website as a virtual store-front. No-one would have the outside of their store be junky and trashy, simply because no-one would come in if they saw the store that way. A website is the same way! It can tell a viewer multiple things, from the style of the company, to who they expect to be customers, and even the experience a customer would expect if they were to walk into a physical store. Recently, the Open Forum (over at American Express) discussed this same issue, demonstrating that websites and consumers go hand-in-hand.

Believe me, I understand that sometimes the design of a website can be at the bottom of a to-do list. That’s where Red Rocket Web Specialists comes into play! We have all of the talented staff, and industry experience, to take any website from ho-hum to talk of the town. Please contact us anytime to see what we can do for you!

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