You create a great website rich with images and functionality.  So how should I create content that is going to gain the readers attention?    These tips will help to create consistent content every time.

Create powerful headlines
Most people will decide right away if they want to continue reading your website content by the title alone.  Even if your content is great you must grab their attention first.  Be short and to the point leaving no doubt what statement you are trying to make.

Also, attention getting introductions following headlines draw the reader into learning more.  A title followed by a quick introduction to what point you are trying to make and will gain interest towards reading your information.

Break long content into shorter paragraphs
Many readers lose attention easily and end up skimming.  You can easily break long paragraphs and sentences into more manageable shorter ones and lose the boring factor.

Format your content
Whether you are writing a blog post or website content, make sure you use the proper font sizes, weights and bullet points.  Titles are usually the largest text on the page followed by subtitles, paragraphs and bullets.  Make sure you use consistent formatting on all pages so people know what to look for on your website pages.

Adding images, charts, and graphics will break your content into sections and add supporting detail.  For example, If you are talking about birds it would probably be a good thing to add a specific image of a bird next to your text.

Create flow to your content
Making sure each paragraph runs smoothly into section is important to create a flow of information throughout the entire website.  Each transition point will keep the reader wanting to go from page to page gaining the most from your website.

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