In the early days of the Internet, making even the simplest change to your website involved calling up your webmaster and carefully explaining your changes, and then waiting for the updates to get made. It was time consuming, tedious, and inefficient. The demand for easily managed websites was huge, and literally thousands of content management systems (CMS) sprung up to solve this problem.

With the advent of content management systems, quick updates to websites were finally something that could be done by the person who wanted to make the changes. Today, nearly any website worth its weight has some sort of CMS built in.

Now that there are so many options for companies looking for CMS solutions there is a new problem. How do you choose the right CMS for your company’s needs? There are so many options out there that keeping on top of the ever-improving CMS products on the market can be a full-time job. While we have experience building sites with all of the popular CMS options, our favorite platform is called WordPress. You may even have a proposal in hand for websites that offer inferior or lesser-known products like Big Commerce, Joomla, or Drupal with your new website. BigCommerce is a CMS intended to help businesses run an online shopping cart. Sure, it works, but there’s an ongoing fee involved with BigCommerce. Drupal is a powerful software, but requires some extensive knowledge to maintain. And though Joomla is somewhat the “middle ground” between novice and expert, it still requires the user (you) to have knowledge on how code will impact the end result. WordPress on the other hand is free and is more widely used than any other CMS.

Think about this: NASA employs some of the most intelligent people on the planet. However, even their Ames Research Center uses WordPress. Even these engineering nerds need a little help with their website. If NASA uses it, we can confidently say that WordPress is the clear winner.

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