As you may know by now, we were blogging about “vacation rentals in Ellicottville” yesterday to see if we could go from not being found on Google to ranking in the top 1% within a day.  After several posts yesterday, we were able to reach our goal and actually get into the top 1/10 of 1%.  There are 29,000 competitors for that phrase and we reached #24 at one point in the day.  Google is always shifting rankings based on real time changes to the Internet.  Today, we thought we’d do a couple more posts and see what happens.  Generally, we see a bounce on day one, followed by a drop over night.  Then if we provide more support to hold up the original posts, we can usually get another bounce on the second day.  Stay tuned.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Vacation Rental Blogging Experiment Continues

As we expected, the blog post for vacation rentals in Ellicottville dropped a few positions over night.  We'll do a couple more posts today and see what happens.