In an industry full of hacks and snake-oil salesmen, Red Rocket stands apart in its commitment to deliver positive results to its clients by developing visually appealing, high-traffic websites that generate new leads, improve brand loyalty and ultimately increase sales.

The website development industry has relatively few barriers to entry and as a result it’s riddled with untrained amateurs who claim to be professionals.  Many have made the infamous trip to Office Depot to buy a computer, grab some web design software off the shelf, and pick up a couple clip-art DVDs before getting their business cards printed at Kinko’s.  While they may have all of the ingredients needed to crank out a website, their experience is limited and unfortunately their clients likely fall victim to their attractive small prices.

By now, most established companies have gone through several websites.  Many started with the $199 website that was little more than an amateur online brochure.  Eventually they upgraded to a more expensive website that proved to be a costly mistake.  Sure it may have looked better than the first site, but it still didn’t provide any bottom-line results.  It may have had some fun, interactive features built in but it, like the original site, sat there dormant with no traffic.

It’s been estimated that 96% of the Internet has never been read by anyone other than the person who created it.  That equates to countless wasted marketing dollars developing websites that are “lost in cyberspace.

Regardless of the cheap prices charged by the competition, the greater loss is not in the $199 bad investment, it’s in the years of lost business and lost market share.  And for some businesses, they have all but given up on the Internet as a viable tool for their businesses.  This is perhaps their largest loss.

This all-too-common scenario has left most business owners burned, but it has also provided the opportunity for Red Rocket to clearly differentiate itself from the others.  As a result, Red Rocket Web Specialists is the only full-service website development company in Northern Colorado with the proven ability needed to create and market high-traffic web sites that turn visitors into customers.

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