Sometimes it’s helpful to do the numbers and understand why it’s worth doing something. Running the numbers for increasing your website traffic offers a dramatic demonstration.

Let’s say you’ve been able to measure that when someone lands on your website, they have a 2% chance of buying a product. This is called the “conversion rate.”

Then let’s say that your average website sale is $10.

Here’s how your actual sales dollars change depending on how much website traffic you’re able to bring in.
Conversion Rate: 2%
Average Sale: $10

Per Month
Website Traffic Sales Revenue
100 $20
1,000 $200
5,000 $1,000
10,000 $2,000
15,000 $3,000
20,000 $4,000
30,000 $6,000
40,000 $8,000
50,000 $10,000
100,000 $20,000
500,000 $100,000
1,000,000 $200,000

There’s a huge difference to your bottom line when you bring in more website traffic.

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