Website Traffic Amount

A lot of our clients ask, “What’s a good amount of website traffic?” The short answer is, it depends on what your goals are. If you’re hoping to sell ads on your site, you probably need a lot of traffic. If you are a specialty shop or a contractor, a little website traffic is fine. In case this answer is too vague for you?

Website Traffic Per Week

Here’s my “good amount of website traffic” benchmarks in hard numbers. Note, these are not real numbers, just what my experience says would be a good number of unique visitors to a website in a week to shoot for.

  • Online sales of low margin goods (Oriental Trading): 30,000
  • National Restaurant Chain (Chipotle): 20,000
  • Local News Source (Loveland Reporter Herald): 5,000
  • Local Restaurant (CB & Potts):  500
  • Services Business (Red Rocket Media Group): 150
  • Specialty Retail Shop (The Coffee Tree): 75

Of course, every business model is different and some need much more website traffic than others. Those with high margin or expensive products can do a good deal of business with very little traffic, so long as it is highly targeted visitors.

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