Website traffic is a long-standing buzzword. After all, if you have a great site, a great company and even a great product, but no one knows about it, your company is sunk.

So you might be wondering, what drives website traffic? Or more specifically, what avenues drive the MOST traffic?

Based on a study by MarketingSherpa in June 2014, they decided to figure out what channels are driving the most traffic for companies. The survey was segmented by revenue and I’ve chosen to focus on three of the 6 revenue segments: $100K – $1M, $1M – $10M, and $10M – $100M.

The companies that make $100K – $1M concluded that organic search (i.e. Google searches), email marketing and social media were the three top traffic drivers for their business, in that order.

The companies that gross $1M – $10M concluded that organic search and email marketing topped the list and PPC or CPC text ads were third in driving traffic.

Lastly, companies that were surveyed that have revenues of $10M – $100M showed that email marketing drives most of their traffic while PPC/CPC and organic search were second and third contributors to traffic.

Other traffic channels that were not in the top three included: display ads, direct or type-in search, referrals, affiliate marketing, content marketing and product listing ads.

So, where is your money being used for marketing? Are you using it to get the most bang for your buck? It appears that email marketing and organic search drive the most significant traffic for companies of all sizes. Are you investing in either of those avenues? And if not, why not?

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